Glorious Praise World Outreach

Sing forth the honor of His name, make His praise glorious. Ps. 66:2

                      Ron's new CD, Jesus                               Higher is now available.  You can order your CD directly from Patricia by calling or texting 573-352-0034. The album is also available for digital download on iTunes and CD Baby.

Each of Ron's eleven original songs carries and releases a unique dimension of the Lord's glory. 

Walker Bros. Studio in Bernie, MO did  the recording and production. This studio will soon be famous thanks to the talented producer, Cody Walker, who has been a real pleasure to work with.

​​Glorious Praise World Outreach exists to release intimate worship from God's throne room  across the earth for the increase of His glory and the expansion of His kingdom.  Our goal  is  to see lives changed through the ministry of  music and to teach and train worship leaders to flow under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

" Will not Rest" from Psalm 132 is the title song of the CD being released by our daughter Aubrey Breedlove.  "Yahweh," one of the songs on the CD, is receiving airplay in Florida. The songs are all original and written from a place of intimacy with God.  There are already  many  wonderful testimonies that have been shared by listeners! You can order her CD on our product page or download it on iTunes.

​​                Eden Haus Retreat is a gathering place for worship, prayer and rest in God's presence. Established by 12 years of prayer and worship, it is  designed to be a training center for worship teams and leaders, intercessors, and those who desire to draw closer in intimacy with God. Please go to this website to see more.  

For reservations call 573 204 0107.

Ron & Patricia Inkenbrandt are the founders of Glorious Praise World Outreach  and of Eden Haus Retreat.

Their heart is to see the body of Christ strengthened through times of intimacy in worship and to understand the importance and validity  of  time spent in the secret place.